Saturday, 11 December 2010


Long time, no speak!
I know I moved my blog to another.. blog, but I've moved it again! I've already got a few posts on there and I hope to be updating now it's the winter months and I've got a break from college!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Halloween/Zombie/Dead Girl

I was recording a video of how I did this, and then as I finished I checked the camera and it had only recorded 3 minutes, but I thought I'd show you pictures anyway :) I know it's no where near halloween or anything but I did this look 2 years ago and thought I'd do it again :)

Excuse my hair in all of these, I couldn't do the makeup with it in my face :P <3

Monday, 12 April 2010


Had a very productive day in that I filmed/edited/uploaded 3 videos and didn't get angry at Windows Movie Maker once! hehe :P


Lucy Victoria

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Just another quick update! I'm still rushing around a bit, trying to get all this college work done, I start my final major project this week, so it's still hectic!
I've been using the Clinique 3-Step for 6 days now, I think I'll review it soon :) Should be a nice first video aha, aswell as a 'What's in my bag' video and all that nice stuff :)

I'm also going to MAC again soon, I really want to go crazy but I have next to no money! I need a job so badly :(

Well, that is all! Speak to you soon :)

Lucy Victoria

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Look Haul :)

I decided to start stocking up on nice summer dresses, seeing as usually I see something and like it, say I'll buy it later and when I go back, it's not there! :(

Ditsy Lace Slip Dress

Heart Back Rose Dress

Lace Trim Lingerie Dress

Also picked up a nice blazer to go with them all :) Usually blazers make me look really small and the shoulders always stick out (-.-) but this one is really tailored and feels lovely on :)

Sateen Blazer

Then I remembered I have a friends 18th coming up and I don't have a dress! I'd seen this before and had contemplating getting it then, but I had no real reason to, and now I do ;D So..

Lace Cut Tunic

That's it for the haul! New Look is getting better in quality if I do say so myself!

Lucy Victoria

Sunday, 7 March 2010

EEEEEEEEE! Thank you all :)

Just a random update to say, thank you all for following me :)
I'm thinking I'll do a give away at 100 :) This blogging buisness excites me, is that a bit sad? :P
Lucy Victoria

Skincare Haul :) + VIDEO REQUESTS?

Hello my darlinggss :) Guess what I didddd..

That's righttt :P the Clinique 3 Step Programme is now mine to tryy :P I've wanted to start this for ages and I was in boots reluctantly looking at the Neutrogena stuff (Which I have grown to love, but still) and then decided that I might aswell just go for it :P
Did the little test thing, the problem with my skin is that I'm combination-oily (more oily) but I don't tan at all, I just burn, so the assistant was worried my skin wouldn't react well to the stronger cleanser, but she tried it on my nose (how attractive) and it was fine aha :P
So yeah, I got the starter pack just to try it, even though I know I'm going to love it hehe!

Thenn, I went on over to the Biore section, their pore strips are really good but also quite pricey, so you can imagine how happy I was when I went over there and everything was 2 for £8! (A pack of 6 strips costs £8 as it is!)

Now I'll leave you all with the lovely thought of me in the bath with one of these things on + facemask etcetc ;D

If any one wants me to do a review on either of these or both, just comment me :) As you can see I have the ability to access a webcam now, so any videos you want, request!! :)

Lucy Victoria

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Beauty Questions? Ask away!


Foundation: Benefit Playstick in Jax
Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste in 1
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit One Hot Minute Bronzer
Blush: MAC Pink Swoon

Shadows: Sleek 'Storm' palette
Eyeliner: Benefit Badgal Waterproof Eyeliner
Mascara: Maybelline 'The Falsies'
Brows: Benefit Brow-zings

Lipbalm: Burts Bees
Lipstick: MAC Cremecup

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hello hello!

Getting the hang of all this now!
This is just a quick update, I'm going shopping tomorrow so expect a new haul post and maybe some more about my hair :) I'm still bogged down with work and just spent 3 hours lino cutting :( It's horrible! My fingers are all cut up!

Anyway, thank you to everyone that follows me, even if there are only 10 of you! I hope you enjoy what I've posted so far and I'll be doing tutorials in the very near future so my youtube won't just be sitting there slowly fading away :P

Lucy Victoria

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New hair!

So! It's done! Goodbye platinum hair :( It looks more blonde in this picture than it actually is, stupid flash :P I kind of miss it already but it'll be back soon, after my hairs in better condition and grown a bit :) Then hopefully I won't have to wear extensions anymore either! I used Garnier Nutrisse hair dye in 'Very Very Light Brown' which looks like this:

I always rely on Garnier Nutrisse hair dyes and have since I was about 14 dying my hair Black and then bleaching it blonde, can all be done by Garnier and they're always reliable! It says to leave it on for 35 minutes, but I knew the colour would take to my hair quickly as it was bleached so I left it on for 25 instead :)

I must of timed it perfectly because my hair extensions match my hair exactly :) I'm so happy with it! But as I said before, I miss the blonde already :(

So what do you think!

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Swatches / Hair update

Re-did all my swatches on my past blogs :) I think it's a big improvement aha :)

At the moment I'm a bit slowed down by college work, but that'll soon pass and I can start making some more awesome entries for you guys!

My new extensions should be here by tuesday/wednesday, so after that expect a big post of my hair! I'm so excited :)
These are the colour/colours of extensions I have ordered :)

20" long, 7ft wide weft :)
I might do a video on extensions and how to get your hair platinum blonde aswell?
Ooo I'm feeling creative tonight :P Too bad mummy's using her laptop so I can't get the webcam! :(

Soon my lovelies, soon :P

Lucy Victoria

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What would you guys like to see on this blog?

Pretty self explanatory really :) Name anything, tutorials, skin care, body care, perfume, anything really and I'll try and do everything :)
Just leave a comment with what you'd like to see and I'll get round to it!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Hair Ideas

For quite a while I've been debating dumping my platinum hair for something just a little bit more natural. I don't think I could bare going completely brown though, so I'm going to keep some of it, maybe just as highlights or something, but it's still going to be there :P

Was thinking something like this:

Should be done soon, spending the last of my birthday money on my hair! Terrible terrible!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Birthday Haul with swatches (12th February)

So so so! Number one of my backdated posts, this one from my birthday :)

Me and my boyfriend in the morning before travelling off to London to the wonderful world of Selfridges :P Excuse my very attractive face xD When I went in there I was seriously overwhelmed by all the colours and just EVERYTHING. Me and my mum were practically falling all over the lipsticks in amazement :P I must of been there for about 2 hours just staring at everything before I even decided (Poor Luke getting bored watching me flop around over makeup :P)

First to MAC, I couldn't decide on a lipstick even though I knew I wanted to buy one, so instead of getting one and then regretting it, I decided not to buy one and to wait until I definately knew.
In the end I settled for 2 plushlglasses (Wildly Lush, Ample Pink), a lipglass (Underage) and a blush (Pink Swoon). Before I got there I had debated getting Well Dressed, but on seeing it I didn't like the finish (Satins are not my thing at all) Once getting my little bag of happiness I looked over the other side of the store and saw the Illamasqua counter! Had totally forgotten it was there, but once I got there again, was too excited to even really look properly.

Then I saw something that caught my eye! Fable lipstick. It's actually gorgeous, and the staying power is pretty amazing. It's a matte so it's a bit drying but I teamed it with Ample Pink plushglass and it goes fineeee :)
The day before we went to London my mum had taken me to Benefit and I picked up the Bad Gal Waterproof eyeliner as well as the One Hot Minute bronzer. Both of them are absolutely awesome products, only thing that bugs me is the bronzers packaging is terrible and when you take the lid off product flies everywhere if you're not careful, even if the plastic cover is still inside! Swatches belowww :)

L-R: Ample Pink plushglass, Underage lipglass, Widly Lush plushglass

L-R: Ample Pink plushglass, Underage lipglass, Widly Lush plushglass, Pink Swoon sheertone blush

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick

Underage Lipglass

Wildly Lush plushglassAmple Pink plushglass

Mini Bluewater Haul

Benefit Playstick in Jax
Benefit Erase Paste
Benefit Hoola contour
MAC Pink Swoon Blush

Sleek Palette 'Stormy'
Benefit Waterproof Bad Gal eyeliner
Girls Aloud 'Nadine' Lashes

Illamasqua 'Fable' lipstick
Ample Pink Plushglass

Me today :) My mummy and I went to Bluewater, most importantly to the MAC Counter in House of Fraser. I swear everytime I go to MAC I'm overwhelmed by everything and just want to buy everything!

I settled on Impassioned (Amplified Creme), which is an 'amped up fuchsia' according to the website (I'd say that's about right) and Creme Cup (Cremesheen) Which is a 'light blue pink'. It was between Creme Cup and Angel, but then when I swatched them both on my hand they looked remarkably similar apart from Creme Cup had a more... Well.. Cream finish. I don't like the feel of frosts, so Creme Cup it was.

Swatches are below :)

Creme Cup

I also picked up a Revlon 'Contour' Brush, which I would say is comparable to the MAC 217, if just a little bit fluffier:

So that's it for todays mini haul, I've still got to do my backdated posts from January, so I'll probably do those after I post this :)

Lucy Victoria

New Blog! New Youtube :)

Hey everyone, or no one as this post may be actually directed towards no one at the moment!
If you're coming from my tumblr, most of you may know me as xohollowheart :) If you're coming from youtube, you may know me as LVictoriaMakeup!
This is my new beauty blog, I've always read and basically stalked beauty blogs since I was about 15, and I've been interested in cosmetics since I was about 11, so I thought I might aswell give this whole blog/youtube thing a whirl!
If you're coming from tumblr, tons of people have asked me how I do my hair/makeup, where i get my makeup from, what I use etc, so I thought this would also be a good way to answer those questions, as well as make it and excuse to blog about everything I'm obsessed with!

Seeing as I have about a million videos/posts that I could backdate from Christmas probably, I'm going to do just that :P !

I hope you all enjoy my blog and videos, if you don't, sshhh!