Saturday, 13 March 2010


Just another quick update! I'm still rushing around a bit, trying to get all this college work done, I start my final major project this week, so it's still hectic!
I've been using the Clinique 3-Step for 6 days now, I think I'll review it soon :) Should be a nice first video aha, aswell as a 'What's in my bag' video and all that nice stuff :)

I'm also going to MAC again soon, I really want to go crazy but I have next to no money! I need a job so badly :(

Well, that is all! Speak to you soon :)

Lucy Victoria


  1. Really pretty! Love your hair (: xx

  2. What is your natural hair colour? I am a brunette with coppery( hate it!) highlights. I'd love to have your haircolour only a bit darker. Can I do this at home do you think? Guide me through the process , please!


  3. I adore your blog!

    Super cute.

    I've become a follower, would love for you to visit and follow my blog.


  4. you are gorgeous && your face looks flawless.<3

  5. you look stunning! your face looks so flawless :D x hair looks lovely too!
    ive certainly become a follower + it would be lovely if you could have a look + maybee follow my blog :D
    jess xxx