Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New hair!

So! It's done! Goodbye platinum hair :( It looks more blonde in this picture than it actually is, stupid flash :P I kind of miss it already but it'll be back soon, after my hairs in better condition and grown a bit :) Then hopefully I won't have to wear extensions anymore either! I used Garnier Nutrisse hair dye in 'Very Very Light Brown' which looks like this:

I always rely on Garnier Nutrisse hair dyes and have since I was about 14 dying my hair Black and then bleaching it blonde, can all be done by Garnier and they're always reliable! It says to leave it on for 35 minutes, but I knew the colour would take to my hair quickly as it was bleached so I left it on for 25 instead :)

I must of timed it perfectly because my hair extensions match my hair exactly :) I'm so happy with it! But as I said before, I miss the blonde already :(

So what do you think!


  1. Changes are awesome!!Cant wait to see you with your new colour!!!

  2. I think this hair colour suits you so much better! It matches your skin tone so well :)

  3. Yeah :) I've realised I don't need to use as much foundation because it isn't really light or isn't really dark, just in the middle and kind of balances me out :D