Saturday, 11 December 2010


Long time, no speak!
I know I moved my blog to another.. blog, but I've moved it again! I've already got a few posts on there and I hope to be updating now it's the winter months and I've got a break from college!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Halloween/Zombie/Dead Girl

I was recording a video of how I did this, and then as I finished I checked the camera and it had only recorded 3 minutes, but I thought I'd show you pictures anyway :) I know it's no where near halloween or anything but I did this look 2 years ago and thought I'd do it again :)

Excuse my hair in all of these, I couldn't do the makeup with it in my face :P <3

Monday, 12 April 2010


Had a very productive day in that I filmed/edited/uploaded 3 videos and didn't get angry at Windows Movie Maker once! hehe :P


Lucy Victoria

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Just another quick update! I'm still rushing around a bit, trying to get all this college work done, I start my final major project this week, so it's still hectic!
I've been using the Clinique 3-Step for 6 days now, I think I'll review it soon :) Should be a nice first video aha, aswell as a 'What's in my bag' video and all that nice stuff :)

I'm also going to MAC again soon, I really want to go crazy but I have next to no money! I need a job so badly :(

Well, that is all! Speak to you soon :)

Lucy Victoria

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Look Haul :)

I decided to start stocking up on nice summer dresses, seeing as usually I see something and like it, say I'll buy it later and when I go back, it's not there! :(

Ditsy Lace Slip Dress

Heart Back Rose Dress

Lace Trim Lingerie Dress

Also picked up a nice blazer to go with them all :) Usually blazers make me look really small and the shoulders always stick out (-.-) but this one is really tailored and feels lovely on :)

Sateen Blazer

Then I remembered I have a friends 18th coming up and I don't have a dress! I'd seen this before and had contemplating getting it then, but I had no real reason to, and now I do ;D So..

Lace Cut Tunic

That's it for the haul! New Look is getting better in quality if I do say so myself!

Lucy Victoria

Sunday, 7 March 2010

EEEEEEEEE! Thank you all :)

Just a random update to say, thank you all for following me :)
I'm thinking I'll do a give away at 100 :) This blogging buisness excites me, is that a bit sad? :P
Lucy Victoria

Skincare Haul :) + VIDEO REQUESTS?

Hello my darlinggss :) Guess what I didddd..

That's righttt :P the Clinique 3 Step Programme is now mine to tryy :P I've wanted to start this for ages and I was in boots reluctantly looking at the Neutrogena stuff (Which I have grown to love, but still) and then decided that I might aswell just go for it :P
Did the little test thing, the problem with my skin is that I'm combination-oily (more oily) but I don't tan at all, I just burn, so the assistant was worried my skin wouldn't react well to the stronger cleanser, but she tried it on my nose (how attractive) and it was fine aha :P
So yeah, I got the starter pack just to try it, even though I know I'm going to love it hehe!

Thenn, I went on over to the Biore section, their pore strips are really good but also quite pricey, so you can imagine how happy I was when I went over there and everything was 2 for £8! (A pack of 6 strips costs £8 as it is!)

Now I'll leave you all with the lovely thought of me in the bath with one of these things on + facemask etcetc ;D

If any one wants me to do a review on either of these or both, just comment me :) As you can see I have the ability to access a webcam now, so any videos you want, request!! :)

Lucy Victoria