Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Look Haul :)

I decided to start stocking up on nice summer dresses, seeing as usually I see something and like it, say I'll buy it later and when I go back, it's not there! :(

Ditsy Lace Slip Dress

Heart Back Rose Dress

Lace Trim Lingerie Dress

Also picked up a nice blazer to go with them all :) Usually blazers make me look really small and the shoulders always stick out (-.-) but this one is really tailored and feels lovely on :)

Sateen Blazer

Then I remembered I have a friends 18th coming up and I don't have a dress! I'd seen this before and had contemplating getting it then, but I had no real reason to, and now I do ;D So..

Lace Cut Tunic

That's it for the haul! New Look is getting better in quality if I do say so myself!

Lucy Victoria


  1. I have that blazer :-)
    I'm really impressed with New Look at the moment!